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You will likely also want to include Layer Tags to make your PSD design responsive, add multiple pages and more. Use Smart Objects a lot, if you find an area in the PSD template causes errors, convert the element or the parent folder to a Smart Object — avoid the headache. Once your element is a Smart Object, you can reference the contents later in your export using Smart Object Tag. You can easily cut-and-paste any Illustrator object into Photoshop and it will convert into a smart-object.

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Smart-objects will then render in the output as Smart Ojbect Images. If you convert your.

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AI document to a. PSD using a script, it is likely that your document will have a lot of layers named Clip, Group or Path. These are common Illustrator layers which you will need to convert to ensure you document renders as expected. With web-based content, you may not always want to use an image for a background with a solid color; as this will cause unnecessary longer page-load times. You may not require a text image, considering new web-based font support for CSS3. Export Kit has full support for images, text, shapes, folders and layer effects in Photoshop without Layer Tags.

All functionality is built-in to Export Kit so… just be the creative you!

Hand-off & Inspect

All layers and effects supported work in most common environments. This means Export Kit works how you would naturally create designs in Photoshop wihtout changing your design style. When new layers or folders are added in Photoshop, the newly created element will be nested on-top of the currently selected layer. So if you were to create a website template, you would start with the Header , then Content , then Footer.

You can naturally design and Export Kit will handle the rest. Changing your layer order will not affect your visual output when Dynamic Height is not enabled. Incorrect layer order will affect your visual output when Dynamic Height is enabled. This will stack your content similar to table rows, you will need to have the correct content folders in the correct order — or you will have display errors. Your layer names will be reflective in your Output. The export process will convert layers regardless of their names, but having clear layer names will optimize the time it takes you to find your layer in your code.

We recommend using common names for elements to both keep consistency with coding practices, and to make it easier on yourself to find elements in the code output. You should always use valid and common layer names with your content to ensure readable output. When you use incorrect layer names, most environments will throw errors as not all naming conventions are valid. All code environments require elements with unique names for correct rendering. Export Kit will always try to convert each layer name to a unique name, but there are situations where layers with the SAME name can cause display errors in the output.

You cannot have empty layers in Export Kit, otherwise the export will stop on that layer. You Photoshop folder and layer structure is key to all designs as different environments have different requirements. There are situations where incorrect folders or layers can cause unwanted display errors in the output. Organized designs also provide organized output, which is what your client wants!

How to convert PSD to HTML Email Template

If you cluster elements into a single folder, that is how you output will render. Once your group your containers, go further by organizing your inner content into additional groups. This will result in much cleaner code. All image layers are rasterized and rendered as shown in your PSD. In reality, an image is an image! You do not save much by applying a drop shadow to an image at runtime vs. Export Kit has great Shape Support with optional vectors also. There are no special settings required for processing shapes, simply use the shape tool and choose your shape, along with your desired shape options; Export Kit will do the rest.

Introducing Avocode — PSD to Code Without Photoshop

SVG and Vectors are used to render complex graphics which do not lose quality when scaled, this means that you can resize the graphic to any dimensions and it will always look pixel-perfect. Export Kit has great Text Support for justification for left, center and right; including various character styles and paragraphs when using text layers. This is the default rendering of text layers when using the type tool. Label Text will render the content of the text layer based on its calculated pixel size.

This is the secondary rendering of text layers when using the type tool. Paragraph Text will render the content of the text layer based on the size you draw the text layer.

Character styles are supported in all environments by default without additional settings or external files. Not all environment support all characters. Photoshop will use the text contents of layers as the name.


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There are some cases where a designer may use a price, phone number or address — which can result in an invalid layer name. This is possibly the most common designer error. If you design changes and your text needs to become larger — do not scale the text, but rather change the font size. Instead of jumping between file tabs, Brackets lets you open a window into the code you care about most.

Get a real-time connection to your browser. Also see where your CSS selector is being applied in the browser by simply putting your cursor on it. It's the power of a code editor with the convenience of in-browser dev tools. Work with preprocessors in a whole new way. We know how important preprocessors are to your workflow. Show indent guides in the code editor. Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes automatically. Check Out New Extensions. Go to Blog.

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