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I wanted to see if SketchUp could put a roof on the house but I never got that far. It didn't crash. I exported the file from Sweet Home 3D as a. I then exported it from Cheetah3D as a. SketchUp did not import a. So, I exported the file from Cheetah3D to a. The resulting drawing was tiny in scale. This is not right. I need accurate dimensions.

The resulting file had over , entities - what did this thing do, take every itty bitty line and make it an entity? I did draw a few things but lost interest in using it because it's performance on this file was so bad.

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It is like 3D electronic graph paper and it might serve your needs so give it a try but don't be surprised if it starts to balk at higher levels of complexity. Almost any program would slow down with that file as input. If you drew it in other software, maybe not so much. I just started using it a few days ago, and it's already become one of the most common pieces of software I use. I've played with AutoCAD in the past, but am by no means an expert, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to master SketchUp - while I'm not yet a master, I've already mocked up my living room we're shopping for furniture , and I can't wait to try my hand at some exterior landscaping designs.

Thanks Google! This was what I wanted 3D to be since first starting to work with integrating architecture and computers! There are more robust programs for CAD and for 3D modeling, but I find nothing easier to use in the design phase - it is like a combination of napkin sketching and clay models. I can very quickly put an idea together and then play with it until I have my thoughts together.

I rarely pick up paper and marker anymore to design. Clients also respond very favorably to SketchUp - the ability to quickly see their ideas take shape and look at various possibilities - should this be taller, what if this is smaller? No, you're not likely to do a full set of construction documents with it, but I have done some small projects that way.


And with the TurboSketch plugin you can do some pretty realistic rendering as well. Why would this need root access?

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Can't install till I know. What are you hiding? Show more. Go to reviews App requirements:. Intel 64 OS X Developer Website:. Trimble Navigation Ltd. In alternativa, provare la ricerca nell'intero sito. Tutti i diritti riservati. Versioni di prova gratuite del software Autodesk Scarica una versione di prova gratuita del software di progettazione 3D Autodesk. Cerca tutti i prodotti Tutti i prodotti Autodesk Tutti i prodotti Autodesk.

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Immetti i termini di ricerca. Visualizza elenco A-Z. Prodotti principali. AutoCAD adesso include set di strumenti per la progettazione architettonica, meccanica, elettrica e altro ancora. Elenco dei prodotti A-Z. Advance Steel inglese. Alias AutoStudio in precedenza Alias Automotive. Alias Concept. Alias Design. Alias SpeedForm.

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