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Click here to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Thank you whoever you are. Just bumped into this nice GUI. Never used it, but I used to years ago use some of this Dev's other tools, and they were always solid, reliable, and well worth the cost.

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Reactions: MBHockey. Nov 9, 3 1. Did it work as expected? I'm thinking of trying it myself.

macOS Sierra Server Part 16: VPN

Reactions: hobowankenobi. Feb 16, 72 2. I went through the instructions above, received no errors and still dont see anything related to VPN.

Method 2: Use Apple’s Networking Tools

Jan 16, 3 0. Hi everyone. I really hope you can help me. Since Mojave, I have removed the Server app totally.

Setup Port Forwarding

The VPN is running, I can connect to it with my devices and access local services remotely. But when I try to access the Internet surfing Google or whatever , nothing happens. I don't get what's wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated Regards.

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How to Set Up a VPN on Your Mac

The setting used becomes the address for the VPN service in the Everyone profile. As well as the Search Domains configuration. Routes: Select which interface VPN or default interface of the client system that a client connects to each IP address and subnet mask over.

Use a VPN’s custom Mac software

Save Configuration Profile: Use this button to export configuration profiles to a file, which can then be distributed to client systems OS X using the profiles command, iOS using Apple Configurator or both using Profile Manager. PPTP runs over port Both are configured automatically when using Apple AirPorts as gateway devices.

To configure existing users to use the service, click on Users in the Server app sidebar.