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App Store Link. Can get repetitive and frustrating, lack of instructions or help setting, dodgy script. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Aghartha Studio Price: Extremely polished and smooth, unique art style, intriguing plot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I strongly suggest that you avoid making the same mistake. Live and learn - no more Agharta Studio purchases for me. Addictive game with nice graphics and interesting story!!! Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

Description episode 01 is the Pilot of the world first episodic adventure game exclusive to the iOS devices, now for Mac! This update resolves an issue with some graphics cards that may cause image corruption. Mar 16, Version 1.

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It can later be chosen from that list and will give you more topics for discussion. I will not go into the particular conversations and from now on assume you will follow them closely. Turning of the alarm clock. Then shake your iPod. Getting the medication.

You'll see the safe code in the mirror: You can get into a map mode by tapping on the second button from the top and double-tap any room you want to go to. Go from 0 straight to 20 the way you count or counterclockwise , the other way to 80, the other way to Turning on the boiler.

Open all available doors, you will be able to reach all the rooms mentioned below. Now you can pinch-zoom like you do in safari on your iPhone the notice and magnifiy it.

Neue Adresse

Tap on light, it will be green. The Goodman-File. Talk to Felicity.

1112 Episode 3 [iPad] - Video Walkthrough & Intro - Part 1

Leave the house. Basic Control: You can use your telephone iClone by holding your iPhone vertically there is no need to go into the inventory, in the regular [Garden] this will work. You can call people by clicking on the address book and you can take pictures by clicking on the camera. Tap on the email with the red exclamation mark. Drag-drop all the photos on the printer icon bottom left of desktop. Anna's car key and phone. Felicity's medication. Talk to stranger. Here the hints are really basic, if you explore are conversation topics you will much better understand how do discover hints inside the game!

When you talk to someone, you can use the keyboard to enter keywords. Coffee for Mr.


Painting for Goodman and Account Book for Anna. Hotel Room. This is the end of Episode 1. I just re-played it for the walkthrough and found it very short - when I played it without a walkthrough or with just some hints I found it rather long. If you enjoy an adventure and the possibilites of your iPod: Eingestellt von Philippe Wampfler um Ich begreif aber die Story iwie nicht. Tja - die Story ist eine andere Sache. Das ist wohl ein Cliffhanger - mit Episode 2 werden wir mehr wissen!

Got sstock on part 7. You need to talk to him.

He will tell you in green about Dritilla and later about the customer. Pick these options from the list. Sind ja zei links und zwei rechts?

1112 Episode 1 for Mac Review

Das stimmt schon so: Ich habe die Position der Schalter angegeben. Oben links: So klar? Bevor man in den Spiegel schaut muss man erst noch das Wasser einschalten. I cannot push anything right of Felicity in her shop to take a picture of her. Which item is it, where is it? Pleeeease help! Can't say much in German, but am happy I understand all the comments Looking forward to ep2.

And will check back with you if I get stuck. Bye and thanks again! After I fix the boiler I cant pick up the wallet and phone. It says I have the pockets full. Cant carry it. Please help me. Sorry wee thx a lot for the good walkthru , but i'm hanging with the computer. When i try to switch on, i just get the answer 'no time'. Help please. Regards from icy munich - karl.

Janet - do you need help? Where are you stuck? Karl - thnks for the compliment.

1112 Episode 03 launches on Aug. 23

It will turn on or let you turn it on, once you have called Felicity Also der boiler treibt mich in den Wahnsinn. Ich habe alles probiert. Ob ich erst die Schalter setze oder erst die Temperatur einstelle. Egal es bleibt rot. Was mach ich falsch?????

1112 Episode 03 Preview

Ja wie beschrieben. Temperatur auf 42 also links die 4 rechts die 2 eingestellt.

Dann die Schalter wie beschrieben und dann den Knopf angeklickt. Ich bin echt am verzweifeln. Hi, great job with the walkthrough! I need help with calling Felicity, though No matter how I hold the iPod, I can only examine the phone.


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Could someone please help? I dont know how to complete Mr. Goodman files! I did what you said about magnifying the files than open but when i tap on it all it says is examine! I need help on Mr.