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They can help you to learn to fly with a buddy box. I have heard of mac users downloading X-plane and using the tower view. I have heard this helps somewhat with learning control reversal, which is the hardest part about learning to fly RC in my opinion.

‎aerofly RC 7 - R/C Simulator on the Mac App Store

I wouldn't recommend x-plan as a substitute for an RC Sim, but it something you can play with. Rating Reply by: John Hello, I am in the process of trying to line up a "simulator" to practice flying rc aircraft. I use a Mac and PC at work. I have an older PC laptop at home.

RC Simulators You Can Use today

I prefer and intend to buy a MiniMac in March. So an option would be to buy a simulator made for PC's and then run BootCamp. Thank you for suggesting flying from the control tower for X-Plane.

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I think what I want is an RC controller that can fly a family of various planes AND also allow me to fly these models on a computer Mac? Is there such a manufacturer that offers this capability? Rating Take Phoenix sim demo for a spin You can download them demo here to see if it will work before buying. Depending on your controller you may be able to use the interface cable with your transmitter hitec or JR or purchase the sim controller as well.

aerofly RC 7 Radio Controlled Simulator For Mac RC SIM

Hope this help. Rating AeroFly 5 For Mac by: This includes everything. Home New Pages!

Site Search. Contact Me Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Comments for RC Simulator for Mac??? Additional features, such as wind variables and a day-night component, can also be tweaked with relative ease. While you do so, the Atari-esque HUB delivers details on in-flight speeds, elevation, direction, and other essential information. The most incredible aspect of the game, however, is its homespun history. Soji Yamakawa, aka Captain YS, created the simulator on his own as a university project in There are far more beautiful flight sims out there, but YSFlight keeps it simple and still welcoming.

FlightGear is the undisputed champ when it comes to advanced settings and pure, unrestricted customization.

More recent updates have brought the program up to current computing standards. However, quality and customization come at a price: The software is the most resource-intensive option on our list. FlightGear is consistently praised for its ongoing dedication on the part of the development community and its realism, earning high marks for everything from the overall flight controls to minute details such as lighting. And while it may be big, bulky, and full of high-flying muscle, the abundance of user-curated documentation and stellar support functions are enough to keep any newcomer afloat.

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The game features more than 3, different airports, all meticulously detailed with hangers and terminal buildings. The blade element theory is often used to pre-compute aerodynamic forces for simulations that have not been run. X-Plane is incredibly detailed, with little touches such as detailed weather modeling and the potential for system failures.

Users can also pilot anything from a B-2 Bomber to a space shuttle, and there are hundreds of additional aircraft available via both freemium and premium add-ons. X-Plane can be a bear at first, but you will be doing barrel rolls with a little practice. And a plane that can do barrel rolls.

If you prefer to play on the go, X-Plane 10 is available on iOS and Android, and older versions of the software are available to purchase as downloads or USB sticks. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Previous Next.

Old-school civilian flight sims

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