Mac os x mountain lion ftp

We already discussed sharing -l to see a list of the available shares. Additionally, you can use the serveradmin command, where ftp is the name of the service.

  • Setting up your Mac as an FTP Server.
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  5. Page content loaded. Well, you are not really enabling it on the FTP server. As a matter of fact, the FTP service does not need to be running. You would then forward port 22 through your firewall.

    How to Connect to FTP in Mac Os X Yosemite

    Jan 17, PM. I believe you will need to look to a third party product like PureFTPd.

    FTP / SFTP server Remote access | MacRumors Forums

    The included ftpd does not appear to support this function man ftpd. Jan 18, AM.

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    • Start the FTP Server in OS X.
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    Jan 18, PM. These three are the more common and better supported standards.

    FTP su Mac, 5 client per il trasferimento file su OS X

    You will need to run extra software on the Mac client in order for it to be able to connect to a FTPS server. Personally I would stick with SFTP as it is the most widely used standard for this type of application, it is what I use for example to upload files to hosted websites. Jan 20, AM.

    Any ideas? I need something that will work with local OS X users - I have to handle s of accounts and Rumpus is a little expensive. It works OK in