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No watermark is added. As a well-rounded application, FonePaw Screen Recorder is surprisingly small in size so that it can run smoothly in recording gameplay even on low-end PCs. The recorder is now free to download. Full-featured: It can be used to record screen, capture audio, take screenshots; Easy-to-use: It has a clear interface. Do you know that Windows 10 has a free screen recorder without watermark?

Game DVR, a feature of Windows Game Bar, can record not only games, but also other screen activities on your computer.

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As a built-in recorder, Game DVR, of course, won't give watermark to your screen videos. This will activate Game DVR recording, which assumes that there is a game that needs to be recorded. You can then begin to record screen without watermark and time limit with Game DVR. It is easy-to-use and totally free. However, you can't record desktop or select a specific region to record as Game DVR can only record the screen activity of an active program. Pre-installed: The application is pre-installed with Windows 10 system so you don't need to download it separately. Too primitive: It lacks features that are available on third-party screen recorders, such as selecting recording area, record webcam, add annotations.

Open Broadcaster Software OBS is a open source screen recording software that is free to use and can record screen without watermark and time limit. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac and Linux.

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OBS is more than just a screen recorder. It can be used for live streaming , creating live videos with window captures, images, text, webcams. And it can record screen in high quality at up to 60 FPS. Audio from different sources can be recorded, too. However, OBS is complicated.

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Before you are able to use the recorder, you have to figure out elements such as Scene, Source on OBS. And it is large in size and many users complain that OBS slows down their computers when it is running. Difficult: You have to spend some time to figure out how OBS works. It is far more difficult to use than other screen recording programs.

This screen recorder for Mac has everything you need for recording screen videos: select recording area, record screen with audio, add annotation to your videos, capture screenshots, record screen with webcam, start screen recording with hotkeys, etc. And there will be no watermark in the screen videos you make.

The screencasts can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube directly through the recorder. QuickTime is not only a video player on Mac, but also a free unlimited screen recorder.

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If you need to record yourself in the video, you have to enable New Movie Recording first to activate your webcam. Your sound can be recorded, too, but QuickTime won't record the system sound from the computer. It is a built-in application on the macOS. So it is totally free and has no watermark or time limit. Apple's Screen Capture Tool for Mojave. Since Mojave, Apple introduce a new screen capture tool that can not only take screenshots, but also record videos of Mac screen. The new tool is simpler than QuickTime.

When you have done recording, the tool also allow you to edit the video, for example, trim the video, add text to the video. Though there is no watermark, the tool is too simple that it doesn't allow you to record screen with audio or webcam. That's the 6 screen recorders to record screen videos without watermark on Windows and Mac.

FlashBack PRO turns your screen recording into polished tutorials, presentations, more...

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  7. FonePaw uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Click Privacy Policy to learn more. We've tried some of them and among those screen recording tools, Ephnic Screen Recorder is easily our top choice. It's fast, feature-rich, handles everything about the screencasting process from start to finish, and doubles as possibly the best simple video editing application on the Mac.

    Ephnic Screen Recorder is Mac-only, and also is one of the best screen recording applications. You are able to record the entire or part of your screen with audio from your computer or microphone. Ephnic Screen Recorder makes it a breeze to create and share your screencasts around the web.

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    Screenflow has almost the same features as Ephnic Screen Recorder. With Screenflow, you can record the entire or part of computer screen in HD, record from your monitor or a video camera, and record audio from your computer and your microphone simultaneously.

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    Download the best screen recording software for Mac -- Try Screenflow for free. It records the screen in an easily-shareable video format so you're ready to upload to YouTube or send the screencast via email as soon as you're done.