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If there are AutoCAD commands that you use often, you can place them here. Simply right click a command, then choose Add to Quick Access Toolbar in context menu. Toolbar is a method to activate a command with graphical user interface, before we have ribbon. Each toolbar has several similar tools. You need to remember the icon because there is no label next to the icon. You can read how to show AutoCAD toolbar here. Like toolbar, AutoCAD menu is not shown by default. What I like about menu is, I can always find the command I want there. Change it again to 0 if you want to hide it. Veteran AutoCAD users love command line.

When I teach other software to them, they always ask if the software had similar feature. Not many software use it. So command line makes AutoCAD quite unique. Command line has become more advanced, even new users can use it easily. Then you can choose it from the list. If you select an object and click the right mouse button, you will see menu related to the object. What you can do to that particular object. If you select an AutoCAD object, you can see it has several grips.

You can access several modify tools by hovering the mouse pointer above the grip. If you need to create object with specific properties, tool Palette is a great way to activate command. Your line will be created on centerline layer, regardless what layer is current.

There are other locations where you can activate AutoCAD commands. But in these locations, the commands you can access are limited. Application menu is the big A symbol. Most commands here are related to file. Like save, open, print and recover. View Cube and Navigation bar are on the right side of your drawing area. You can access navigation command here, like zoom and pan.

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At the right bottom of status bar, you can see many buttons there. They are settings toggles. Because AutoCAD has so many options to activate commands, there are many shortcuts that you can use. You can access a command quicker than moving your mouse and click the icon. Yes, ribbon has shortcuts too. Press ALT key once, you will see letters above the tabs. Press H for home then you will see letters on each tool.

If you use ribbon, this is a nice way to activate a command quickly. Or move to other tab without moving your mouse pointer.

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  6. When using command line, you can use the command alias for faster access. The reason is I can type C twice faster and less mistakes than pressing C then O.

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    AutoCAD has been a Windows software for a long time. You can also use them in AutoCAD.

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    These shortcut keys only work in AutoCAD. There are many shortcut keys that you can use, and you can make your own keys.

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    You can see the shortcut keys list in CUI or you can download shortcut keys list in this document. You can use Temporary Override keys to override settings when you work. You can see the temporary override keys list in CUI or you can download shortcut keys list in this document. There are so many ways to activate commands. I listed 15 here, but you may can help me to add more! I excluded old functions like screen menus, because it is obsolete and I think no one use it anymore. What do you think? Which one do you use and help you work faster? Share with us in this comment area , maybe we can learn from you too!

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    I'm also a member of Autodesk Expert Elite, appreciation for individuals who give contribution to Autodesk community. Connect with me on twitter or LinkedIn. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Very nice compilation of ways to use the tools and commands of Autocad, Thank you so much for sharing this list. Have you seen the latest logo of Arcadis?

    Seem a little similarity between fonts and colors of your logo. Just wondering only. Back then we had digitizer menus and multi button pucks to pick commands off of a menu on the digitizer. I customized our menus where I work many years ago to work on the old digitizer menus. Because AutoCAD is highly customizable, it's possible to save workspaces so that you can have the menus and buttons positioned according to your own preferences.

    Your menu may be missing because your preferred workspace is not active. AutoCAD will then activate that workspace. Warren Davies has been writing since , focusing on bespoke projects for online clients such as PsyT and The Institute of Coaching.

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