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I have not heard much reviews about MAC air tools. That said, there are probably good MAC tools out there, but popularity wise, SO would be the more popular between the two companies. MAC stuff isn't what it used to be. They're using Taiwan manufacturing now and still trying to charge old school MAC prices. My vote would definitely be snap-on. I know that a lot of GJ members like the snap on and IR air tools,but I have great luck with CP air tools you should at least give them a try.

Mac air tools are just re-badged tools from another company. Plus, the few times I tried to warranty anything from Mac dealers, the guys acted like I was trying to steal from them. You will not be disappointed with a Snap-On air ratchet. Impact guns I prefer IR though. Originally Posted by rayzor Originally Posted by jethro IR is very hard to beat for impacts in general. SO air ratchets have lots of balls and I like their drills and air hammers. I'd stay away from SO impacts though, many of my customers have had short life with them.

Lets just call a spade a spade, all the truck brand airtools are far to expensive for what you get. Your much better off with an IR or Aircat. Our 1" IR impacts at work get the ever lovin crap beat outta them by the tire guys and still work flawlessly. I don't want to bash, so I'll only say that Ive had a few air tools and the SO stuff has far outlived any other brand I've used. I don't oil them as often as I should.

Air Impact Wrenches - King of the Shop - Mac Tools®

I have an older Mac that works well pre china When it comes to air hammers and Air drills Snap-On leads the way. When it comes to Impact wrenches for me it starts and ends with IR.

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I've had really really bad luck with Snap-On Impacts and the problems Ive had have been hard to have resolved. I still use it for oil pans, timing cover bolts. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. Smilies are On.

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Craftsman vs. Snap On vs. MAC Tools - : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum

Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Display Modes. View Public Profile. Send a private message to millwrightjesse. Find More Posts by millwrightjesse. Send a private message to crewchief Find More Posts by crewchief Re: mac or snap on air tools I've heard many positive reviews regarding SO airtools. Send a private message to jetz. Find More Posts by jetz.

Re: mac or snap on air tools depends on the vintage of the tools, if its anything Mac made within the past 5 years, I would go for the Snap-On. Send a private message to kyleholmes. Find More Posts by kyleholmes. Re: mac or snap on air tools MAC stuff isn't what it used to be.

Send a private message to Damian. Find More Posts by Damian. Sure it is great. They come to the job with the tools. With competition of other national chains offering the same lifetime warranty at half the cost they will soon be out of business.


And Snap-On can also be a little restrictive in replacing items unlike other companies. As an aircraft and auto mechanic, I have utilized SnapOn tools almost exclusively. SnapOn provides the best quality for the money and the unquestioned warranty is the best out there. Availability and ease of replacement for whatever reason is what I admire. The Air Force issued SnapOn for me to crew fighters, lesson learned!

Love the warranty on the the tools but honestly in the last 2 years I've stopped buying because of the extremely high prices and the expensive computer updates. There's too much competition with just as good quality for half the price. I was a Snap-on customer for 20 years but sadly I probably won't be much longer. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I own multiple repair shops and we all know they have the best scan tools on the market. I bought a used scanner.

Had it for 2 weeks and the motherboard went out.

favorite high end hand tools. Snap-on vs Mac or Cornwell?

Traded it in for another used one same deal in 3 weeks. How is this fair interest value? I'm going to pay the remainder off today due to this issue And I will never ever again buy anything from Snap-on ever!!! Over my life I have done nothing but support the Snap-on legacy of excellent tools and equipment. I have noticed a very disturbing pattern in the business model that the Snap-on corporate trucks has been employing from its inception in Yuma AZ. It seems as if we are some sort of guinea pig for your ridiculous carousel of people, though here in numerous different trucks seemingly yearly which in turn leaves us that consider ourselves automotive professionals to wonder for more than half a year to years at a time when I will be able to see my Snap-on guy again if ever.

It's from one day to the next. Why does Snap-on think that constantly shining on the good hardworking people of Yuma, AZ is a great idea. We had a Snap-on guy in Arkansas at my father's old shop that never changed and helped his customers. And from that I grew very fond of the tool and the name to be perfectly honest.

Almost everything in my personal shop at home and in my toolbox here at work is a Snap-on tool. The toothbrush that I brush my teeth with in the morning is Snap-on as well.

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  8. And now we are once again going to be ignored for another "month" or more while Snap-on decides to remove my brand new guy for another. For this it is truly regrettable that I will not again be duped into believing that I should care about buying only Snap-on tools when Snap-on in Yuma cares not for us. I am also in charge here at our dealership with at least 24 techs.

    Our corporate also goes through Snap-on for multiple special tools. I will be finding solutions for a way to never allow someone that treats us so badly without second thought onto the property. I know I'm not wrong about the disdain for Yuma that Snap-on has.

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    The only thing I wonder is why can't you train someone to actually make it work here. I'll give you that but long ago should have tried something called customer retention because for the life of me I can't imagine why someone would continue to support you when you care not in return. Great warranty but can't get it. No one to call, no one to see. You guys let him run both routes when he hadn't bought the other, he liked the other route better so he just started running that for about the last year he was supposed to be here but did help NO. You gave him what he wanted and screwed us again based on some sort of ideology that no matter what you'll be ok letting everyone on this route down and not giving 2 piles.

    I hope the correct people see this if not I'm used to it especially from you.