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This item can be found in the Pinwheel Forest. It is extremely useful as the Pokemon holding it gains extra XP for every battle they're involved in. You will have to beat some of the trainers in this room to reach him. The scope lens is a hold item that boosts a Pokemon's critical hit ratio. To evolve Karrablast and Shelmet, trade one for the other with a friend. The Karrablast will evolve into Escavalier and the Shelmet will evolve into Accelgor.

Escavalier is very slow, but sturdy, while Accelgore is very fast but with low defense.

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I was in Sevii island Island 2 and nothing : I need my Froakie. Was able to defeat Masamune before completing the first stage of the game. It will take 6 hits to take out Venasaur the the rest will be one shot except the final evolve form of Chespin who will need 2 hits. I did it and Got Froakie. Not sure about the ferry pass, but this was answered before- "How to access to Mangan? Complete the Sevii story. After that, go to isle 6, more exactly in the north of the isle 6.

Hi there, after I defeated the person in Roitville the game gets stuck. If you're still stuck, there's a link to the Pokecommunity thread above. The people there should get you an answer quick. Hey bro, I have a problem with the lost cave, I can't go into the cave on the right or the left, I only can go to the above and the bottom but they don't lead to anywhere, still the same place as beginning. Sorry, I'm not sure. You should be able to get help on Pokecommunity link in post. Hey knuckle San thanks for all the gba hacks bro there great you run a really awesome website and you help everyone by answering questions keep up the good work I'll keep coming back to this website.

No offense to the author of the game but this is the worst hack I have ever played. Way to many glitches to the point where I wonder if the person even ever tested there game, maps are too confusing and don't work in game so I can't tell were I am ever, the guide is awful and gives me almost no information to help me find my way around, and also if when you say "I made an English rom hack" it should be in English not French" whoever the author is I'm sorry if I offended you but my god. Also on another note awesome sight knuckle sam! This really is the only relieble source of rom hacks true and true.

This was for an older version, but it should still be the same- "For the N-dex, have you spoken with the scientist just after the viridian forest a guy in the middle of the road just before pewter city? What abt my pokemon cloud white v. Please see the FAQ section. Any idea how completed this game is? Just 1 region finished..

Looks like its getting worked on a lot, but I just played a game with only 6 badges so I am a bit worried about incomplete games atm. There may be some bug fixes, and some small features may be added, but other than that, it's pretty much complete all 3 regions. I have one more question Knuckle San.

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How can I envolve magneton to magnezone? Does it need stone or train at specific place or I just level up it? It's not mentioned in the guide. Sorry for the late reply, but I'm not sure either. Try asking on Pokecommmunity. I seem to be stuck. I just beat Ash in Oak Town and got the ferry pass to White town, but I have no idea what ferry station I'm supposed to go to. I've been to every single station but can't find a way forward. The guide just says "Oak Town and ferry station" but there is no ferry station in Oak Town.

The guide also said there was a ferry station is Jadetown, but there is not one. There is a building with a guy blocking my way in, but I don't know if he ever moves. Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Rather than here, I would recommend posting your question on Pokecommmunity link above.

Somebody there should be able to help you out. In addition, you should probably also message the creator as he's probably the best person to answer your question.

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Just downloaded the game today, I whited out and it sent me to speak with my mom about what happens when you run out of hp and it was glitches outside the map and I couldn't move. I lost a battle again on purpose to see if it happened again, and it did. What kind of patch do I need or what not? Downloaded the newest version. Try healing at the first Pokemon Center, and see if that solves the issue.

I'm guessing there's a problem with the teleport-to-mom part. You can report the bug on the Pokecommmunity page link above. Yeah, I remember someone else complaining about that on Pokecommmunity. Not sure if he was able to fix it. I'll look around. I think it would be best if you reported the bug on the Pokecommunity page linked above.

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Always a fan of yours Knuckle San. Thanks for the great work you always provide us with, I'm most grateful! We had a conversation back then about Pokemon Adventures with you suggesting me to play Pokemon Vega.

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I read that it's complete and most bugs, like the Lemonade one have been fixed, right? I wanted your opinion just became Kanto champion about this game. I saw many features and I wanted your sincere opinion. Is this game any worth like f. I wish I could help. I did play it a long time ago, but I never finished it don't remember why. And now, I don't really remember much about it. I've noticed that opinions on this hack are mixed. If you're looking for hacks to play, see this to get some kind of idea don't take the ratings too seriously.

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The fact that Post Game is still in French is rather disappointing I will give it a shot, but if I don't understand even the context, probably I will have to drop it. And it is kinda sad I have played most good games from the list, except giratina strikes back. Never mind, thanks for your advice!

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Okay, the creator replied saying you will face bugs if you continue from an older version's save. Is that what you did? If not, let me know, and I will inform the creator. I just found this game, and i play on mGBA is there a different one I should play on? It might be an emulator issue. If that doesn't help, please report it on the Pokecommunity thread linked above and the creator of this hack should help you out.

I cant complete the league..

Maybe that's supposed to happen? Try continuing to the next region see the guide. Got the same 'problem'. In Route 22 just before Victory Road , the passage to Johto remain blocked by three guards that say 'Only those allowed by the authorities can go to Johto'. So, beating the league wasn't enough because I got skipped from Hall of Fame registration.

What to do to procceed? Could you report this on the Pokecommunity thread that's linked above?

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The creator did say that some of the bug fixes he made were reverted in the recent updates, so that may be it. I believe v is the most recent stable version. You could possibly load your save into that version before the league.